Suffolk Collection Full List

The irises highlighted in green are the ones I am fortunate enough to have – hopefully this will rise steadily in the coming years.

All the irises listed are Tall Bearded (TB) unless noted otherwise. I hope to add more information as the search continues.

Irises by G H Chadburn

Name Year Notes Found?
Golden Hind 1934 Dykes medal 1934, In BIS yearbook 1931 (B&W Photo). Deepest Buttercup yellow with warmth of a faint tinge of orange. Yes
Mabel Chadburn 1939 Dykes medal 1941 Yes
Joan Lay 1939 “Most intense yellow we have yet seen” in BIS yearbook 1939 No
Grace Tetley 1945 Fine deep yellow on very long stalks. No
Hallcroft 1939 No
Mab Chadburn 1934 Yellow Self No
Tiber 1937 No

Irises by B R Long

Irises raised in Suffolk listed first but the list contains all that Long hybridized in his lifetime.

Name Year Location Notes Found?
Apollonic 1953 Suffolk Bright sulphur lemon yellow self No
Classic Blue 1953 Suffolk Light to medium shade of blue with very large flowers falls and standards up to 3 1/2 inches across. From 20 years of breeding and 14 crosses. No
Felicific 1953 Suffolk Delicate shade of light tan with salmon, widely branched. No
Luminary 1953 Suffolk Bright light reddish terracotta, rather elongated flowers. No
Maiden Queen 1953 Suffolk Purest white self No
Merry-Go-Round 1953 Suffolk Deep blue-purple self. Well arched standards and flaring falls. No
Mute Lyre 1953 Suffolk Standards of pale greyish lavender and falls of red-purple clearly edged with colour of the standards. a ‘near amoena’. No
Orchestra 1953 Suffolk Bright amethyst standards, falls are a similar ground colour  have a deeper central zone of rich colour. No
Princely 1953 Suffolk Medium deep yellow self – “unusual shade with perfect form and branching” No
Redoubt 1954 Suffolk IB, considered BB now. Standards very deep purple, falls nearly black and velvety. No
Candescent 1954 Suffolk Light pinkish terracotta. No
Fairest Isle 1954 Suffolk Standards pale greyish blue, falls mauve pink. No
Histrionic 1954 Suffolk Standards clear pale blue, falls solid deep velvety royal purple. No
Oligarch 1954 Suffolk Very deep blended ruby red, with dark beard and dark haft No
Preferment 1954 Suffolk A white-yellow bi-colour, falls semi-flaring soft yellow shading to white near the edge. No
Propriety 1954 Suffolk Standards rich golden-brown, falls velvety deep brown with a well defined lighter edging. Blended variegata. No
Serendipity 1954 Suffolk White and blue plicata. Polka dot pattern evenly spread. deep lilac verging on blue. Beard yellow with a white tip. Hafts almost a pale maroon. No
Time Wraith 1954 Suffolk Standards buff yellow, very slight shot pale blue. Falls pale blue edged buff yellow. No
Warmth 1954 Suffolk Deep mahogany red brown, nearly self. Standards not quite so deeply coloured, golden beard. No
Ardency 1955 Suffolk Deep reddish-mauve suffused with copper. No
Enthusiast 1955 Suffolk Light blue self No
Heather Isle 1955 Suffolk Slightly blended light reddish bi-colour No
Hedonist 1955 Suffolk Standards nearly pink, falls similar colour with a slight suffusion lavender in the centre and frilled edges touched with golden brown. No
Misty Isle 1955 Suffolk Light pearl with a faint suffusion of pink. No
Pandean 1955 Suffolk Clear lavender pink finely lined all over with a deeper shade of the same colour. No
Precisian 1955 Suffolk Very deep red approaching black. No
Ruby Isle 1955 Suffolk A bright ruby red purple, practically a self. Slightly velvety falls. No
Vice Versa 1955 Suffolk A reversed yellow white bi-colour. The standards  pale greenish lemon, or lime colour are particularly silky. No
Beauty’s Ornament 1956 Suffolk Mauve blue self with well frilled standards. No
Burnished Dove 1956 Suffolk Standards bluish mauve suffused copper, falls blended magenta with brownish shadings. No
Cherry Orchard 1956 Suffolk Palest lavender-pink, almost a pink tinted white. No
Glowing Isle 1956 Suffolk Lacquer-red in effect, standards suffused deep orange and a bright orange beard. No
Gracile 1956 Suffolk Standards frilled, pearl with a slight suffusion of yellow in the centre. Falls light lavender blue on opening passing to a slightly pinkish pearl with frilled edges of light yellow. No
Lanthorne 1956 Suffolk Cream, shaded yellow No
Sceptered Isle 1956 Suffolk Chrome-amber yellow No
Silent Worship 1956 Suffolk Deep old gold dotted cinnamon-brown, white blaze No
Sunset Isle 1956 Suffolk Standards light coppery pink, veined deeper. Falls velvety red-purple slightly blended. No
Lentha (Leutha) 1930 Maidstone, Kent Lentha but sometimes incorrectly shown as Leutha (BIS 1930). Primrose standards, Pale primrose falls, heavily reticulated purple at the claw. No
Golden Vanity 1936 Possibly Oldham, Lancs. A clear unblemished yellow. No
Laila 1938 Birmingham No
Theotormon 1938 Birmingham Ruby-maroon falls, deep yellow standards with hint of bronze. No
Clothing of Delight 1939 Birmingham No
Hela 1939 Birmingham No
Ivory Gate 1939 Birmingham Standards pale suffused lemon yellow, bluish flush to the falls. No
Killiney 1939 Birmingham Pale lavender-blue tone. Yes
Night Thoughts 1939 Birmingham Dark blue self, Fragrant. No
Painted Bird 1939 Birmingham No
Rose of England 1939 Birmingham Pink and lilac self. No
Songs Before Sunrise 1939 Birmingham No
Square Hill 1939 Birmingham A fine yellow. No
Tharmas 1939 Birmingham No
Thel 1939 Birmingham No
Theleme 1939 Birmingham No
Tiriel 1939 Birmingham No
Treasure Ship 1939 Birmingham Very broad standards, Golden yellow almost orange, falls striated, fragrant. No
Vala 1939 Birmingham No
Zazel 1939 Birmingham No
Zoa 1939 Birmingham No
Revelry 1940 Birmingham Pale yellow. No
Blithe Spirit 1941 Swansea White standards, falls lemon yellow. First yellow amoena to be registered. No
Childhood 1941 Swansea Bronze and pink with some blue on falls also described as medley of lavender, gold and grey. No
Eternal City 1941 Swansea Pale yellow standards with faint mauve shading and deep red-purple falls. No
Bizerta 1943 Swansea No
Blood Carnelian 1943 Swansea Bright coppery-red. No
Laloro 1943 Swansea Large flowers of deep rich soft yellow with almost a suggestion of red. Deeper coloured beard. No
Mareth 1943 Swansea No
Orange Butterfly 1943 Swansea No
Unfinished Symphony 1943 Swansea Bright copper-pink blend. No
War and Peace 1943 Swansea Russet and mauve. Shown as Shangri-la at RHS halls in 1943. Yes
Bulwark 1944 Swansea Burnt orange-yellow standards, maroon falls with yellow-orange edging. Yes
Mary Shore 1944 Swansea Ruffled bloom, Buff standards, Pink-lilac with a blue blaze and buff edge. No
Gwendolyn Anley 1945 Swansea Lilac standards, petunia falls. No
High Command 1945 Swansea Clear yellow and red-brown. No
Rhona 1945 Swansea Dusted gold standards, falls delicate mauvish-lavender dusted gold. No
Tyrant 1945 Swansea No
Windemere 1945 Swansea pale mauve. No
Afternoon 1946 Swansea Similar to Childhood but lighter tone and brighter hue. Pink blend. No
Array 1946 Swansea Pink bi-colour. No
Banner of Gold 1946 Swansea White and yellow. No
Buff Tips 1946 Swansea Pink blend. No
Celia Grant 1946 Swansea Ice blue. No
Vellum 1946 Swansea Ivory self. No
Dainty Duchess 1947 Swansea White self. No
Goodwill 1948 Swansea Pale blue self. No
Imprimatur 1948 Swansea Deep buff and bronze. No
Lambent 1948 Swansea Variegata. No
Poetry 1948 Swansea Yellow-pink blend. No
Sarsen 1948 Swansea Rosy bronze and tan. No
Serin 1948 Swansea Canary yellow. No
Airy Shell 1949 Swansea Broad standards of light pink, broad falls of a slightly deeper pink  edged with buff apricot. No
Akanax 1949 Swansea Unusual mauve heliotrope shade. No
Alabanda 1949 Swansea Broad falls and standards of an even medium shade of reddish violet purple. No
Armiger 1949 Swansea Smoky brown, an unusual colour. No
Cadence 1949 Swansea Softly blended colour between old vellum and old gold. No
Dragon Wing 1949 Swansea No
Floor of Heaven 1949 Swansea Very pale blue of good size and form. No
Fury 1949 Swansea Rich even bronze red colour. No
Ichor 1949 Swansea No
Necromancy 1949 Swansea Standards light coppery brown, flaring falls of very bright heliotrope. No
None So Pretty 1949 Swansea Clear pink blend, standards light pink, falls more mauve pink. A zone of yellow to the centre of the flower. No
North Wind 1949 Swansea No
Patine 1949 Swansea No
Piracy 1949 Swansea Standards deep coppery brown, falls very broad solid crimson purple set of by nearly white beard. No
Robert Browning 1949 Swansea No
Sunlit Snow 1949 Swansea Standards white, falls semi-flaring bright greenish lemon yellow widely lined with white. No
Vogue 1949 Swansea Rich shade of glowing brownish terracotta, smooth colouring and well branched. No