G H Chadburn Timeline

A useful collection of important dates for George Haworthe Chadburn – his whereabouts and achievements.

1870 – Born in Yorkshire.
1900 – Married, had a keen interest in irises as a collector but had not started hybridising as yet.
1902 – Became a member of the Royal Society of British artists.
1924 – First appearance as member of BIS – listed as a founding member in 1946 yearbook.
1926 – Bought the iris W R Dykes for 20 guineas (between £800-1200 in today’s money depending on where you look).
1931 – Golden Hind pictured in yearbook – black and white and first shown at an iris show causing a sensation.
1934 – Golden Hind awarded the Dykes medal. ‘Mab Chadburn’ sent to trials at Wisley.
1936 – First article in BIS yearbook “Notes on bearded iris”.
1938 – Image of ‘Mabel Chadburn’ in BIS yearbook.
1941 – Mabel Chadburn awarded Dykes medal.
1943 – Moved to Devon.
1944 – Moved back to Suffolk.
1946 – Awarded the Foster memorial plaque and piece written about Chadburn by Olive Murrell. Showing as living in Devon.
1950 – Died 29th January, obituary by H Senior Fothergill.