Well I am a thirty something (just) guy who loves pottering about in the garden. This started off simply by trying out a few tomatoes and has expanded from there over the last eight or so years. Living all my life in the (sometimes) sunny county of Suffolk I was lucky enough to grow up in a small village; in a house with a good sized garden. This meant from day one I was eating home grown veg, not that at the time it meant anything to me! There was space for plenty of veg and also for some grass…various home made goal’s and a tree house or den often featured.

early 2009

Village life has, and always will be, the place for me. Having been spoilt with a large garden, the thought of a small town garden never entered my mind. It was a long wait for me to take the jump and buy a house of my own, and this was in part due to my brother insisting I look at the place. But when I looked up the garden (all 200+ feet) knew it was the right decision to make. Even then about six or so years ago I didn’t know where my gardening was going, having still only grown three veg – Tomatoes, Peppers & Chilli.

As I write this ‘about me’ the plans for both my edible and display gardening are starting to become more than a basic hobby (more of an obsession!). My girlfriend will testify to this, often by commenting that she is a ‘Garden Widow’ as opposed to the more regular sport or games console complaints.

The garden has moved on since I have lived where I am now – not a single thing from the start of the back garden is as it was when I moved in. Last year (2018) I made a number of improvements – most notably a change to using raised beds for my veg. This certainly was a good choice and lead to a generally good growing year despite the very long dry spell. Now I am aiming to build on this success experimenting with various vegetable varieties in the never ending search for a favourite or two from each.