My 2019 Tomatoes

The first thing I remember growing myself was the good old tomato so it seems right that these are still a firm favourite. My dad pretty much gave up on tomatoes when I was young as they were often struck with blight and seemed like to much effort for him. Thankfully I havent found blight an issue as yet, but then I do grow my tomatoes in a polytunnel.

I have come to the realisation though that I have been just growing them with no real plan other than to grow a lot and enjoy them. Nothing wrong with that of course but a bit of an aim is no bad thing and can help give a little focus to the task. With that in mind and in line with what we use a lot of tomatoes for I will begin a search for the best tomato to make sauces from. Not a new idea but new to me and should be interesting to do, I will not be forsaking other types either.


I may switch around the numbers a little next year to get an extra paste type in & also I am not growing a specific beefsteak tomato this year which is a bit of a sacrifice to be rectified next year. With this in mind here is my 2019 tomato seed list – I just sowed them at the weekend.

The paste tomatoes:

Amish Paste – When I hear paste tomato this stands out so time to try it myself.

Big Mama – A plum paste tomato, the type is F1 so I cant save seeds from this but worth a try growing.

Opalka – This is an heirloom type from Poland – I saw a lot of posts about eastern european tomatoes last year so again wanted to give this a try.

The others:

Harbinger – A medium sized tomato, I always grow something of this type as a bit of a go to for general use.

Zlatava – Distinctive orange skin and red flesh which looks interesting, another medium sized tomato.

Chocolate Cherry – As the name suggests a cherry type – the snack variety for this year.

Maskotka – The only outdoor variety, which I will grow in my newly made raised planter.

I will report back during the year on general growth and at the end of the year review how each performed, particularly those I am growing for sauces.

If you have a favourite tomato to grow I would love to hear about it!


6 thoughts on “My 2019 Tomatoes

  1. “Maskotka” is probably my favourite tomato variety. The grandchildren love it too! Like you, I tend to grow several different varieties each year, though there are some that always make it onto my list.

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    1. I picked the “Maskotka” variety because of your posts rating it highly.
      I always used to grow “Rosada” but that’s not an option now. Since then I haven’t settled on any repeat varieties as yet.


  2. I was a little disappointed by ‘Maskotka’ last year, I grew 3 plants in the greenhouse, maybe the cause ? (small fruits not as sweet as expected.) Keep us informed about all these varieties !…

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    1. I’ve not tried them before and do know Mark of marksvegplot grows them outside. Always a chance that would make a difference but hard to say. I’ll share my thoughts on them all at the end of the season.

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    2. One of the first things I remember growing with my dad was tomatoes. He wasn’t very adventurous in his choices back in the 60’s and 7o’s when moneymaker was one of his staples. But I love the home grown freshly picked Tomatoes. Sadly I’m not in one place long enough to grow them now. But when in Spain the choice you get to buy are great

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