Winter jobs catch up

Apart from being a bit quieter on social media (waking up now) I have still been plugging away at various different jobs in my garden. A few are finished or very close to it, others need some more work.

The finished job is converting my greenhouse so that it now has two beds running down the length, before I had just been growing in pots stood in the ground. I made this same change to my polytunnel the year before and it worked very well for me so of course it was time the the greenhouse to get its upgrade.


Towards the end of the season last year I bought a fruitcage – one thing I have never been upto speed on is fruit so time for a change. It is a fairly simple 2.5×3.5m and will be home to raspberries, blueberry, gooseberry, blackberry, tayberry and loganberry when all have arrived or been moved. I added a nice bit of mulch soon after completing the layout so hoping the fruit will settle in well this year.

Mulching, the raised beds for growing veg were new last year and I have so far mulched 7 of them. I still need to cover some of the path ways with bark – they have weed matting so are nearly there. I have one more upgrade to do to which will cover 4 beds – I recently came by two 3.5m square fruit cages (yes two in addition to the one I bought). These are the perfect size to cover four of my raised beds which will provide extra protection from pest including pidgeons and muntjac deer.

Veg beds

Lastly I am extending and changing (yes more) my flower beds. One of the extensions is complete while another which is also getting a re-plant at the same time is still in progress. I am hoping to hit this job fairly hard in the coming weeks if frost stays away to get it ready for planting in spring. Time will tell how far I get, this part of the garden is in need of the most work at the moment of all the winter jobs. The flowerbeds in general need a good weed and some mulch if I can find more in the coming weeks.

That about covers it – busy times but they have been good jobs to get going over the winter period ready to get another good growing season in during 2019.

4 thoughts on “Winter jobs catch up

    1. It’s been relatively mild where I am and my soil being sandy means I don’t generally have to worry about it getting to muddy. Hoping for a few good weeks weather as I have a heap of weeding to get on with now.


    1. Exciting times when you start out, usually a bit of a hard slog to get things in shape but completely worth it when you start harvesting your own grown veg.

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